We are the first and only
AAHA accredited end-of-life care practice in PA!

Dr. Heba is currently away and will be unavailable to assist or receive phone calls till 5/23. Thank you for your understanding.

What to Expect

We help make the experience as comfortable and peaceful as possible for your family and your pet.

What to Expect from Love &  Dignity

In-home pet euthanasia allows your beloved pet to spend their last moments with you and gives your family a chance to say goodbye knowing your pet is not suffering from discomfort or stress. You and your family can take the time you need without feeling rushed or pressured.

We strive to make this difficult time as peaceful as possible for your family and your pet. In-home pet euthanasia offers the calm, safety, and privacy of saying goodbye right in the comfort of home.

The Process

You contact us for an initial consultation (phone consultation is preferred; if you are emotional and would like to email us, please include as much information as possible, including the address you need help at. We are happy to answer your questions and discuss your pet’s quality of life. Please know that without a physical exam, our veterinarian cannot answer any medical questions for a patient they have not seen.

If your pet is known to be extremely anxious or needs special handling if aggressive or has bitten anyone in the last 14 days, it is crucial to let us know before we set an appointment. We can still help; however, every case needs special preparations, sometimes ahead of the appointment, to make sure it is as peaceful as it can be so, please share any concerns. Remember, we are here to help you navigate this very difficult time.

At the Euthanasia appointment, our doctor will greet you & your pet and ask where you would like to sit (it could be under his favorite tree if the weather permits).

Your pet will receive oral and/or injectable (subcutaneous or, in rare cases, intramuscular) sedation to relax them. After 5-10 minutes, your pet will be very sleepy. Then the final injection will be given; it is an overdose of anesthesia and will gently and peacefully euthanize your pet.

A pawprint will be made (included in our fee), and a snippet of fur will be provided if you would like. If you need additional memorial items, please let us know.

Our doctor will then excuse herself to give you some privacy; if we are handling cremation for your pet, she will then return with a small basket or a stretcher to transport your pet to the car; you are also welcomed to make your own arrangements for the aftercare.

If you have elected private cremation, detailed information on how and when your pets’ ashes are returned will be discussed as well.

Appointments typically last 20-45 minutes; if you are planning a ceremony for your pet’s farewell or would like to perform it at a location special to you and your pet, please let us know & we are happy to allow up to an hour for the appointment.