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Love &  Dignity Testimonials

It is our honor to serve your pets and families during this difficult time, and we appreciate your kind words.


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She is so compassionate, so sweet, she came right away when my baby boy was in distress (he was 14 years old). I did not want anyone else to be there for him, I knew she would make the right decision she had followed him for the last 6 months she wanted both of us to be together as long as we could. I wanted him to pass in my arms and in my house.

Louise C.

Thank you Dr. Heba from the bottom of our hearts. You helped us through such a very difficult time in which we had to Euthanize our 15 years old Boston Terrier, Zoey. I very strongly recommend this in home service to anyone facing this very difficult stage in their pet’s life.

I would like to leave folks with this thought:
Speak Kindly to me, beloved master. Revel in my unconditional love, and give me every minute that you can spare, for my time with you is short.
— Your faithful dog —

Ron S.

Dr. Heba was so kind in assisting our German shepherd in the final stages of his life. She made the process as easy and comfortable as possible. Highly recommend if you have to make this difficult decision.

Nicole D.

Dr. Kashkosh helped my beloved Pepper end her life in the most respectful and peaceful way imaginable. She was supposed to come out the following day but I contacted her because Pepper was not doing well and she came out within two hours. She gave us the time to spend with Pepper and she transitioned her with no pain. She was compassionate and kind and loving, the kind of person that you want with you in an unimaginable situation.

Andrea L.

My Sweet Murphy was almost 17 yrs. old and his time had come, It was the hardest decision to make but Dr.Heba made this last in his life as sweet as it could possibly be, no fear for him just loving and compassionate care and gentle understanding for me. He went to sleep in his own home surrounded by the people and things he knew and loved. She is an angel of mercy and I am forever grateful for the service she provided.
Frances S.

Recognizing that the health was declining for our “Dear Best Friend” of 19 years, we started researching and educating ourselves on end of life choices. Although this was a very difficult decision, after speaking with Dr. Heba several times, we felt a zone of comfort. As we knew it was time, we finally scheduled an appointment with Dr. Heba. Her calmness, patience and professional guidance made our last moments with our pet a respectful and honorable experience. We thank her for the gift of peace.
John W.

I echo the other positive reviews for Dr. Heba. My dog passed peacefully because of her guidance and expertise. She was kind, supportive, and generous with her time. She also went out of her way to accommodate some unusual logistics on my end. I would absolutely recommend her to those considering how to take good care of a beloved pet until the very end.
Yujean P.

With deepest appreciation, my family and I want to acknowledge Dr. Heba’s compassion and responsiveness when we recently had to say goodbye to our Maddie girl early in the morning. That heart wrenching decision was eased by Dr. Heba’s service to visit and allow us and our girl the comfort of home on short notice.
Jim C.

A doctor is expected to diagnose, heal, treat, prescribe, communicate, welcome life and offer relief as life transitions from this earth.

Dr. Heba brings to the patient and the family the element which cannot be expected because it cannot be defined. It is the intangible sincerity that can’t be learned in a classroom. It is a tenderness that whispers just loud enough to be heard and felt in a room laden with grief. It is an intuition that reveals itself by helping the family knowing when/how/where without them feeling as though they are being told what to do.

With her mellifluous voice, she explained…..

With her skillful hands, she treated…..

With her patient temperament, she waited outside as we wept.

Bundled beautifully in blankets, our little love’s body was carried off in the arms of Dr. Heba’s loving arms after she released his soul to no longer be bound to the pain he had endured.

Jill A.