We are the first and only
AAHA accredited end-of-life care practice in PA!

Dr. Heba is currently away and will be unavailable to assist or receive phone calls till 5/23. Thank you for your understanding.

Love &  Dignity

Specializing in Veterinary Hospice and End-of-Life Care


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Why Love &  Dignity?

Welcome to Love & Dignity, a professional in-home pet euthanasia and pet hospice consultation service in Montgomery County, Bucks County, and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania. We specialize in pet hospice consultation for both cats and dogs as well as in-home cat, dog, and rabbit euthanasia.

Dr.Heba Kashkosh is the first & Only Certified Hospice/Home Euthanasia Veterinarian (CHPV) in the area with an advanced post-doctoral certificate (CHPV) in End-of-Life Veterinary Care with advanced training in Euthanasia techniques. CHPV providers have the mastery skill set to provide peaceful home euthanasia when operating alone in the home.

Veterinary Hospice Care

Hospice appointments on hold until further notice.

In-Home Euthanasia

Saying goodbye to your beloved pet is one of the most difficult things you’ll have to do, but you won’t be alone. We’re here to ensure your pet has a peaceful transition.

Compassionate Aftercare

Our care and dedication to your pet do not end when you say goodbye. Our aftercare team will lovingly preserve your pet’s dignity with respectful aftercare options.

Compassionate End-Of-Life Care For Pets

Love & Dignity is a professional in-home pet euthanasia and hospice consultation service for cats, dogs, and rabbits, serving Montgomery County, Bucks County, and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania. Our services are performed by Dr. Heba Kashkosh, a compassionate veterinarian who cares deeply about your pet and the human-animal bond. Based on her personal and professional experience, Dr. Heba advocates for in-home pet hospice consultation and in-home euthanasia as the most comfortable treatments available for incurable animal disease and end-of-life pet care.

We’re here to help your beloved pet live out their remaining time in the least amount of pain and the greatest amount of comfort possible. Through pet hospice consultation and palliative pet care, we’ll determine a plan for approaching incurable disease and the natural end of life that allows your pet to remain at home — where they’ll be the most comfortable. It’s important for them to spend quality time in the company of their loving family, and we want to help make those days the best they can be. When it’s time for your pet to transition, they can receive in-home euthanasia so they can spend their last moments in the privacy of home and with all members of their family. In-home pet euthanasia is carried out at your convenience, giving you a chance to take the time you need to say goodbye. If you would like your pet to receive aftercare, they will receive respectful and dignified treatment at an accredited crematorium.

We understand how difficult and heartbreaking this time can be, but you won’t be alone. We’re here to provide compassionate care so that you can savor the time you have left with your furry friend.

Love & Dignity is proud to be the first and only AAHA EOL (end-of-life) accredited practice in Pennsylvania!

The AAHA End-of-Life Care accreditation helps veterinary teams provide appropriate supportive and emotional care during these difficult periods, further enhancing and strengthening the human-animal bond.


Your words encourage other pet owners to consider end-of-life care for their pets, which may help them make this difficult but humane and loving decision.

My Sweet Murphy was almost 17 yrs. old and his time had come, It was the hardest decision to make but Dr.Heba made this last in his life as sweet as it could possibly be, no fear for him just loving and compassionate care and gentle understanding for me. He went to sleep in his own home surrounded by the people and things he knew and loved. She is an angel of mercy and I am forever grateful for the service she provided.
Frances S.

Recognizing that the health was declining for our “Dear Best Friend” of 19 years, we started researching and educating ourselves on end of life choices. Although this was a very difficult decision, after speaking with Dr. Heba several times, we felt a zone of comfort. As we knew it was time, we finally scheduled an appointment with Dr. Heba. Her calmness, patience and professional guidance made our last moments with our pet a respectful and honorable experience. We thank her for the gift of peace.


John W.

She is so compassionate, so sweet, she came right away when my baby boy was in distress (he was 14 years old). I did not want anyone else to be there for him, I knew she would make the right decision she had followed him for the last 6 months she wanted both of us to be together as long as we could. I wanted him to pass in my arms and in my house.

Louise C.

Thank you Dr. Heba from the bottom of our hearts. You helped us through such a very difficult time in which we had to Euthanize our 15 years old Boston Terrier, Zoey. I very strongly recommend this in home service to anyone facing this very difficult stage in their pet’s life.

I would like to leave folks with this thought:
Speak Kindly to me, beloved master. Revel in my unconditional love, and give me every minute that you can spare, for my time with you is short.
— Your faithful dog —

Ron S.